Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Memorable and Creative Commercials

Even though the goal of commercials is to sell the product or service, they can also be a great source of inspiration. Here are some creative commercials that came out in 2009.

Coinstar Commercial
Creative stop motion commercial for Coinstar directed by PES. [link]

French Squirrel Goes Nuts
Clever animated commercial for the Emerald Nuts is the tale of a snobby French squirrel that savors the taste of deluxe nuts. [link]

Coke Babies
Cool commercial for Coca-Cola directed by The Purchase Brothers. [link]

Sony Bravia Zoetrope
Sony BRAVIA commercial featuring international soccer star Kaka. [link]

Pepsi Max Job Interview
Funny “Fight Club inspired” commercial for Pepsi Max. [link]

Lead the Charge - Become Legendary
Jordan Brand commercial shows the intensity of the NBA game. [link]

Life Flows Better With Visa
New creative commercial for Visa Europe starring Bill Shannon, created by Saatchi and Saatchi. [link]


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