Thursday, October 22, 2009

The World's Funniest Regional Car Insurance Commercials

If you ever find yourself with a DUI or too many tickets in the Pacific Northwest, consider Vern Fonk Insurance, which serves the hard-to-insure population in Washington and Oregon. Their crazy ads, which spoof everything from Napoleon Dynamite to The Sopranos to Love Affair, and at least one of which stars "Osama bin Laden," urge viewers to "Honk For Fonk" when they drive by a branch. These people are having way too much fun making insurance commercials.

Fonk To The Future:

Too soon:

I have no idea:

The commercials are so popular that the local morning show Good Day Oregon even made their own spoof, which is the most convincing evidence that these commercials are actually airing on TV and not an internet joke.


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