Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ghost Pictures

This photograph taken in 1916 was showing a figure likely being the soul of someone departing.

A couple took a picture of their one years old baby in the car. The car stopped outside a cemetery of the 17th century.

A couple take a photo of their baby , while the TV was switched off. This face appeared. The fact that a picture was taken, its proved by the flash next to the figure!

A couple on vacation took a photo of their daughter.When the film was developed, a lady without legs appeared .

This is a scene from the film called 'Three men and a baby'. A boy behind the curtains appeared. They say that this boy was killed in the same room that the film was taking place.

This picture was taken by a reporter in Indonesia , in 1993. The reporter wanted to take a photo of a room where a mass killing was done.When the photo was developed showed this! It is said that people that were looking at this picture for long time, had nervous breakdown problems afterwards.

Look at these photos carefully......


Anonymous said...

Pretty Amazing!

Jerodian said...

The scene from "Three Men" is fake. The "ghost boy" behind the curtains is actually a cardboard cut-out of Ted Danson (the man in the picture) used to frame up a shot earlier. This one's been debunked several times.

A lot of these can either be done with Photoshop or with taking a simple pencil eraser and going over a Polaroid with it while it's developing, or via similar methods.

Tsukasa said...

Old cameras' photos can have some "lighting-errors" (cause the negative is very sensitive), and it can looks like a ghost, or not.

Anonymous said...

where was the 6th picture from the top taken? i want to read about that O__O

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