Friday, April 24, 2009

17 Unusual and Creative Mailboxes

Creative and unusual mailbox designs that will spice up any neighborhood.

Star Wars R2-D2 Mailbox

In honor of Star Wars 30th anniversary, U.S. Postal Service has placed special “R2-D2″ mailboxes around the country. [link, imgs]

Tugboat Mailbox

Located along the South side of Kings Row in Port Maitland. The actual mailbox is homemade and welded inside the pipe. [link]

Hammer Mailbox [link]

Giraffe Mailbox

This creative mailbox belongs to someone in upstate New York. [link]

Apple Power Mac G4 Mailbox

Old G4 tower has been converted into a mailbox in Auckland, NZ. [link]

Thomas Train Mailbox

Beautiful train mailbox design from El Dorado Hills, CA. [link]

Microwave Mailbox

Creative mailbox near Alliance, NE, home of the Hoopers. [link]

Log Cabin Mailbox

Mailbox made from real logs with integrated newspaper holder. [link]

Turtle Mailbox [link]

Gun Mailbox

Located out on Route 52, west of Fosterburg, IL. [link]

Beer Keg Mailbox

Standard metal mailbox inside the keg. [link]

Front End Loader Mailbox

Cool mailbox design located somewhere in the Denver area. [link]

Motorcycle Mailbox [link]

Nikon Camera Mailbox

Located in Model City, along the 104, you can find this interesting mailbox out front of a residence. [link]

Grass Shack Mailbox [link]

Blue Lady Mailbox

Unusual mailbox design located somewhere in Miami. [link]

X-Wing Fighter Mailbox

Creative mailbox made from wood by Craig S. Made. [link]


Anonymous said...

i love the giraffe and turtle mailbox

Anonymous said...

I would smash the crap out of any of those if I saw them. pretty awesome though

Anonymous said...

That wooden hammer mailbox is in Meadow Hill in Newburgh,NY

Anonymous said...

I love the microwave!

Anonymous said...

the blue lady would scare the shit out of me

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Jonathon A. said...

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