Saturday, April 11, 2009

Crazy Lingerie!

As we all know, lingerie, bikinis and thongs are very sexy to most husbands and lesbian partners. It even makes the women feels sexy. To some, it’s a fetish. I am not ashamed to say I love women in thongs(only!) and I made sure my girlfriend knew about that. I guessed that is just natural. Then one fine day, I stumbled on some of the weirdest and funniest bikinis and thongs I’ve ever seen! They are very creative and wacky!

Would you like a bite and suck on that! Juicy and yummy! I meant the cherries! What were you thinking?

Evian…How refreshing and cooling! You’ll need that after feeling hot watching the long lines of bikini tops.

Paleonthologist might like their wives or girlfriends to wear this.

Oh… I really like this! Wild and sexy! But don’t go anywhere near the fireplace.

This bikini top is very unique but I am sure there are better models to wear it.

Factories really saved a lot on fabrics nowadays.

How berrilicious! Anyone know where can I get this?

Micro bikini is OK, but if one is to wear that, might as well be naked?

Hel~lo there! You calling me over?

This bikini is quite sexy and unique but, it will be so hard to wear that and taking it off!

Hypnotize your partner with this wacky bikini top!

There are many, many more weird, funny and cute lingeries, bikinis and thongs around. But most important is knowing what can turn your partner on and what suits your taste.


tony said...

my electric fireplace it is lovely , i bought from and the delivery was really quik in the UK

Capt said...

Rather wear nothing.

Must See!!!

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