Thursday, January 15, 2009

20 Beautiful Snow and Ice Sculptures

Snow and ice sculptures created by talented artists from all over the globe.

Domokun Snow Sculpture [link]

Skateboard Ice Sculpture [link]

Simpsons Snow Sculpture [link]

Scooby Doo Ice Sculpture [link]

Speed Skater Snow Sculpture [link]

Google Logo Ice Sculpture [link]

Space Invaders Snow Sculpture [link]

Melting Men Ice Sculptures [link]

Whirled White Web Snow Sculpture [link]

Cadillac CTS Ice Sculpture [link]

Mickey Mouse Snow Sculpture [link]

London Ice Sculpture [link]

Snow Eiffel Tower [link]

Motorcycle Ice Sculpture [link]

Tiger Ice Sculpture [link]

SNOW Sculpture [link]

F1 Car Ice Sculpture [link]

now Polar Bear [link]

Giant Lego Snow Sculpture [link]


zhiying said...

it's cool man!

Carrizo said...


Fantastics photos.

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