Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pretty Powerful USB Man

Oh no! This is just too cute. Check out the teeny, tiny USB man!

On some level you feel a tinge of guilt that the little dude represents some dastardly torture procedure from the middle ages.


Yes, last thing you want is for the boss to glance at it intently and say, did we chat about those faxes you goofed up? (Read: It’s the rack for you, says the boss).

On the other hand, he could be reaching out his hands to connect… everything! Wheeee! (Background music plays We are the World).

That is indeed my justification for adding this so adorable I could eat it device.

In a nutshell:

USB man is same as a powered hub. And there is this small green light right over his heart which lights up when you plug him in. Awwww!

The gadget makers have even added two indents for eyes and mouth. By the way, with a four port hub, AC adapter and a 45″ cord, it ain’t all about the looks with this cutie pie. He does his job and he does it well.

Isn’t this a cool way to spice up your work desk?

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alex said...

so cute.

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