Sunday, January 4, 2009

Toilet of the Future

What a load of crap, that’s just BS and Holy S**t don’t apply to this super chic device. Alright, maybe just the last one.

It’s the face of the future, at least for the toilet bowl. Neorest 600 is a tank-less smooth curved toilet that will usher in the New Century for your humble home.

Cool toilets

There’s a useful sensor - auto opens/closes lid as it detects you staggering over to it. The sensor based open-close does have a “Master, what can I do for you today” quality to it… not that I am complaining.

And no more pressing knobby buttons after you have done your deed; the intelligent thingy does it all for you. Did I hear a glee of joy from the clean-freaks?

Oh and you know the terrible midnight loo jolts, how you are wide awake the moment you place your pampered warm posterior on the ice cold seat in winter? Well, brownie points for this one, the comfy seat is heated! No more dreading the cold season loo trips.

How cool is this? It even has an air deodorizer, you know, for those slightly *ahem* wafty smell moments.

The face of toilet future does not come cheap. If the price on the bottom right is any indication, you could end up paying a hefty $6,000! And we thought buying hair/face care products were costly.


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