Thursday, January 1, 2009

Living with “stones” – The Livingstones

Ouch! Yeap, that’s my first impression too. Who would have thought these kids would lunge towards piles of stones?!

That brings us to this: Ever wonder how it feels to LIVE with, EAT on, SLEEP among and BOUNCE around “stones”? Or lying on a SOFT and COMFORTABLE “stones” outside the sun?
Honestly, I was so intrigued by these “stones” that I just wanted to hug it. It looked so, so real and makes your home a little more unique than the usual.
Designed by Stephanie Marin from France, these “stones” are the result of design concepts which are practical, playful and fit for any contemporary homes and space.
Let’s look at some of her collections:

Beautifully laid “stones” in living space.

They are comfortably “crushed” by the “stones”

Looking more real than ever.

How about the outdoors?

Work hard, RELAX hard as well!

The best way to connect to the nature.

For more information on where to purchase this unique “stones”, check out


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