Thursday, February 19, 2009

10 Fabulous Things To Do Before You Die

Life is too short to sit around on the net all day reading about other people’s experiences in life, so we have put together a nice little list of ten absolutely fabulous, fun, naughty, and neat things to do before you get too old. Some of these items might put you in danger of jail time, but that just adds to the thrill!

10.Invent A Cocktail

Who doesn’t love cocktails? There are thousands of spirits and liqueurs out there for the tasting - so go to a liquor store, stock up, and try as many variations as you can. You are bound to stumble upon a great tasting cocktail to show off to your friends next time you have a party. Remember to keep a bucket handy - after a night of tasting cocktails you will need it.

9.Join A Flash Mob

Flash mobs have become a worldwide phenomena in which a large group of unrelated people all converge in one place, perform an unusual action for a short time, and disburse again. Flash Mobs were invented in 2003 in Manhattan, but they can now be found in almost every city in the world. To illustrate the scale and awesomeness of flash mobs, in 2006 the London Underground was overtaken by 4,000 people who all silently danced to their ipods (video clip above).

8.Go To A Film Premiere

This one is an easy task for most people living in California, but not so easy for people in other states and countries. But it is worth the airfare to get to a premiere if you can afford it. I was fortunate enough to see the premiere of one of the Lord of the Rings movies and I had a fantastic night - you definitely must do this at least once. Who knows, maybe a superstar will see you and fall in love with you (that didn’t happen to me, alas).

7.Paint Some Graffiti

It is possible that many of you will have already performed this task, but for those who haven’t (myself included), why not give it a shot? All you are going to cost someone is the time cleaning up after you. Pick a nice clean spot and go to town with spray paint. Be careful not to put anything that will lead the cops to your door. For added points, try to graffiti in a nearly impossible to reach spot - you are more likely to leave a permanent mark that way.

6.Do A Runner

Now this is something that I can say I have never done, though I have left a store with free things that the staff didn’t ring up (accidentally), but I do have friends who have done this. The trick is to go to a very fancy restaurant (don’t forget to dress up), order something from every course - preferably things you have never eaten before - or can’t afford to eat, then do a runner from the restaurant without paying. Just remember: this is theft, so don’t pick a small family run restaurant that can’t afford to foot your bill.

5.Fly A Plane

You may have noticed the absence of items such as bungee jumping and sky diving - the reason is that I think they are insane things to do and I would never recommend them. So, in lieu of other “flight” related things to do, I propose that you learn to fly a plane. You might need to save money for a while as lessons can be very expensive. If you do decide to give it a go, I would recommend that you shave off any long facial hair you may have.

4.Hang Your Art In A Gallery

This one may be a little risky, but it is worth it for the kudos you will get from your friends and family. First off you need to paint yourself a piece of art; it doesn’t matter whether you can draw or not - most modern art is unrecognizable anyway. Once your painting is dry, sneak it in to the fanciest art gallery you can find and tape it up on the wall. If you want to go for a special extra touch, you can make your own wall plaque to hang beneath it - and include a price tag. Who knows, you may be discovered!

3.Stay In The Best Suite

This is something you have to do at least once in your life. Save up some money and book a night at the poshest hotel in your city - and book the most expensive suite. While you are there make sure you saved enough cash to tip well and to enjoy all of the benefits of the hotel - like fabulous food, massages, pool, and spa. There is nothing grander than waking up in a magnificent penthouse suite with a hangover. Just remember, if you steal the bathrobes you may find an unexpected bill turning up on your credit card the following month.

2.Participate in a Police Lineup

If you volunteer at your local cop shop you can often be invited to participate in a lineup. Doing so can be fun - and you sometimes get a free lunch as well as cash (though not always). If you do get to appear in a lineup, be sure you didn’t commit the crime! Wear something fun like a tee-shirt that says “I did it” and be sure to look shifty.

10.Invent Something

We live in a fast paced society where gadgets exist for virtually every task - but occasionally you find that nothing exists to do exactly what you want to do. Instead of ranting and raving, why not try your hand at inventing it? It can take months - even years - to invent something, but if you have a good idea, it is worth the effort. Just remember, as soon as you have completed your invention, patent it and give it a truly awesome name. Who knows, you may even get rich off the idea.


Anonymous said...

There are two number 10's

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you would encourage people to steal and leave a restaurant with out paying. In most cases, especially in large corporate chains the management will make the server pay for the loss. That is terrible! Now imagine that happening on a large scale because now people believe that what they are doing is harmless and fun. You should really think through ideas before posting them up for mindless sheep to follow. Simply Stellar! I hope you are all arrested.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment about stealing from the restaurant. And if you like graffitti so much, will you like it if someone does it to your wall, door, or car? Will it be fun for you to clean up then?

Dan Carter said...

I like this.

It's not about the specific aspects of it that you seem so quick to moan about.
The thing as a whole isn't a step by step guide that you need to follow, it's highlighting the need for spontaneity in our lives.

Something most people I've met are lacking.

Anonymous said...

i do not support illegal things, sir i think you should remove your 10 fabulous things to do before you die and replace them with the following
1. Believe that there is a heaven and when you die discover there is no heaven rather than believe there is no heaven only to die and discover that there is truly a hell.

2. Forgive all who have wronged you

3. Reconcile with your family

4. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour

5. Visit the sick in hospital and offer them a word of encouragement

6. Invite someone whom you know is struggling in life to your house for a meal

7. Donate to a charity of your choice

8. Leave an inherintance for your children and children's children

9. Visit Zimbabwe, it's really a great place to be

10. Leave a legacy for people to remember you

Anonymous said...

Get that religious crap out of here. Although some of your ideas are good, you dont need to do them in the name of god. You should do them to make other people feel better. Not to reach some higher status for yourself so you will be accepted into "heaven."

Give it a rest with that stupid crap and dont push your agenda on others. Do to other the way you want them to do onto you. Not because the bible says so...because it is for the better of mankind.

and i agree, there are two number 10's

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