Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Creative Coca-Cola Ads

This post showcases best print Coca-Cola advertising ideas.

Coca-Cola “Truck” Advertisement

Creative use of a fan to advertise Coca-Cola. [link]

Coca-Cola advertisement from Russia. [link]

Creative Coca-Cola ad on Times Square, Manhattan. [link]

Giant Coca-Cola bottle on Nanjing Road. [link]

Coca-Cola “Straw” Advertisement[link]

Coca-Cola “Surfer” Advertisement[link]

Coca-Cola Light Advertisement[link]

Giant Coca-Cola advertisement in Shanghai. [link]

Coca-Cola “Lemon” Advertisement[link]

Coca-Cola “Bus” Advertisement

Coca-Cola ad on apartment block in Irkutsk, Siberia. [link]

Coca-Cola advertisement from St. Petersburg, Russia. [link]

A classic never goes out of style. [link]

Lit up Coca-Cola ad in the heart of NYC. [link]

Is quality you trust. [link]


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