Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Eyeing for Anime

Are you into Anime? Are you so into Anime that you would sell your other stuffs or pull a tighter belt to get your favorite Anime items and memorabilia? Would you fight for the concept called Anime?

How far would you go to look like one?
This is how anime eyes looked like:

Now, try beating this girl in an Anime look-alike contest:

See, the thing is – it is not wrong to get yourself a brand new look, or an extreme make-over. In fact, it is somewhat necessary to get a fresh outlook once awhile. So here, we have some kids that wanted more than just different colored contact lens, they wanted colored AND enlarged contact lens. How does it work? Well, it’s the same with normal contact lens except that when these contact lenses are put on, the pupils of the eyes look bigger and somewhat similar to the eyes of those characters in the Anime world.

There you go, the new trend that got the youngsters in Japan swooning for, especially the girls. Buy it, wear it and live as an anime. Don’t be surprised if you see one or two groups of them parading around in Japan’s malls. I know I won’t be.

I do admit they are a little creepy though.


Anonymous said...

huh~the last one terrible~

raffy said...

WOW! your amazingly cute. i would eat u up, babe.

Anonymous said...

last one is scary

Anonymous said...

ah.. she kinda looks scene..

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