Friday, February 6, 2009

10 High Resolution Relaxing Wallpapers for your Desktop

Are you looking for beautiful high resolution wallpapers for your desktop? Take a look at this collection of relaxing wallpapers from, which is a great resource to find high resolutions wallpapers, themes and icons.

1. The Salt Desert "Salar The Uyun" in Bolivia

By Joel Antunes
Description: "This is a beautiful picture taken by NIR, a good friend of mine. I made some edits on it to make it perfect. It looks like is a lake but isn't!"
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2. All That Is Left

By BEPhotographic
Description: "All that is left of the mighty Hamelin Bay jetty."
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3. First of May

By panemoy
Description: "One of my favorite photos, game of shadows and light. Vojvodina, Serbia..."
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4. Panoptic

Description: "I took this before rushing off to school one morning. I almost (almost!) skipped class to keep shooting, but I got what I was looking for so I suppose there wasn't any point. Nikon D300 and AF-S 18-200 VR."
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5. Smooth Evening

By Joel Antunes
Description: "This was taken after sunset. The blue cool color after the sunset was amazing and the clouds were moving quite fast, time to get a shot! I composed, breaking the rules! I targeted this "pier" which i guess is used by the fisherman at night."
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6. Durdle Door, Jurassic Icon, Dorset

By Joel Antunes
Description: "This is my favorite landscape at the moment, and I'm exclusively sharing it with you, Enjoy."
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7. Anse Source d'Agent

By Amecke
Description: "Seychelles."
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8. Auckland Harbour Bridge

By Chris Gin
Description: "Auckland Harbour Bridge at night."
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9. Chicago Skyline

By benisntfunny
Description: "The Chicago Skyline from North Avenue Beach."
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10. El Capitan

By matt mosher
Description: "Words really can't describe. You just have to go there."
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