Monday, February 9, 2009

Prison Break New Episode:After Escape

Michael Scofield

He came to France, changed his name to Zidanne,and began his soccer career

He even wrote a book!

And this was his last game in WorldCup 2006.

"I'm sorry,Sarah..."

Now, let's see his brother, Burrow

He came along with Scofield to France, changed his name to Cantona

After some time, he decided to join Man U.

And he finally achieved brilliant success!


Oh ya...they all like soccer very much. Mahone decided to begin his career in Italy, and his name is Buffon.

See, he was happy to see his old friend Scofield.

Remember this guy?Paul Kellerman

He was tired of being an agent, so he went to F1, using his nickname "Barrichello"

Soon he became too old for F1, fortunately he likes basketball, and he was able to find a job in Rocket

Oh ya...the coach of Rocket,not bad

Remember this guy?

He likes basketball too, and he played for Dallas

And finally...T-BAG

He became the president of USA!OMG!!!


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